Wide Coil

Efficiencies with Design

Working with wide aluminum coils allows for work-in-process reduction while creating a smooth, seamless exterior with a proven surface material. Coil coated aluminium is ready for use after installation


  • Provides one-peice painted aluminum  panel
  • Increased productivity
  • No post paint related quality / rework costs
  • No cost for complying to environmental regulations
  • Pre-defined purchase costs in projects compared to post painting
  • Reproducible quality from batch to batch
  • A full color palette, large gloss range and a versatile choice in surface structures
  • Decorative properties are almost unlimited


  • Wide painted aluminum coil up to 103.5"
  • Available from .011" - .063" in thickness
  • Precision painted grpahics (linear and non-linear)
  • Custom coil matching available

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