RV Full Wall

Composite Wall Systems with Options

With extruded aluminum tube framing and wiring pre-installed you can build from there to create an ideal system:

  • Fiberglass with lauan or syntheic board
  • Aluminum with lauan or syntheic board
  • Aluminum with fiberglass: AluFiber by Amerimax

You will get the product that meets your specifications for strength, weight and installation.  


The finished product contains pre-installed wiring, baker plates, support beams, or channels as specified.  This results in a reduction of scrap and labor from the installation process.  

  • Ready to assemble for quick installation
  • Secure Wall System
  • Energy Efficient
  • Seamless design

Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive System

  • 100% polyurethane reactive hot melt
  • Roll coating applications provides 100% adhesive coverage for a consistent bond line
  • Environmentally friendly - no VOC content
  • High speed coating process provides high volume, low cost process capabilities or a variety of materials
  • Reactive Hot Melt Technology works with a wide variety of materials


Continuous improvement is part of the Amerimax commitment to quality and service.  Internal engineers, the CAD department and the production department utlize automated CNC routers, an overhead laser guiding system, and an on-site quality assurance lab to ensure customer specifications are met without variance.

  • Overhead laser projection system generates full scale laser images to improve accuracy of assembly
  • Automated CNC routing systems
  • CAD design department
  • Lamination capabilities up to 110" wide and 50' long
  • Automated material handling
  • On-site quality assurance lab
  • Ability to produce multiple bond line products
  • Slit and cut coiled material to length
  • Apply protective release film to all laminated materials
  • Cut finished products to multiple widths

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