RV Side Wall Skins


For the RV manufacturer that is looking for a hot melt adhesive system that ensures product performance, Amerimax will provide the skin to meet your needs.

Products include:

  • Fiberglass with lauan or syntheic board
  • Aluminum with lauan or syntechic board
  • Aluminum with fiberglass:  AluFiber by Amerimax


  • Synthetic board creates exceptionally light weight — lighter than most lauan-backed products
  • Aluminum surface creates the best automotive quality finish on the market today
  • One-piece seamless walls
  • Higher dent-resistance options
  • Pre-coated aluminum eliminates the need for costly full-body painting
  • For OEMs that paint, a primer coat eliminates most prep work
  • Formaldehyde-free construction allows you to appeal to eco-friendly consumers

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