We have been at the forefront of the RV industry for over 50 years and partnering with RV OEMS in designing, developing and manufacturing sidewalls and trim.

We utilize every method of RV wall production available, from traditional metal fabricated panels, to high-strength premium laminates, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) panels and innovative, high-tech composites.

New to the Amerimax offering:  Freedom of Design

Now available from Amerimax, Freedom of Design is an innovative coating system that allows you to offer custom aluminum exterior designs with automotive qualities. The development of this innovative finish enables us to supply a smoothly painted, stickerless aluminium sidewall with phenomenal contrast, depths and limitless design possibilities. Proven to perform, it offers excellent exterior durability with a topcoat scratch and UV protective finish. By combining experience with ingenuity, we are revolutionizing panel design.  Learn more by clicking on 'Freedom of Design' below.

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