Servicing Many Needs

Amerimax constructs laminated building products, such as laminated panels and bonded composite walls.  Everything we make is backed by years of manufacturing experience, production capabilities, and materials knowledge.  Our products are useful in many industries.

We offer composite panels in a variety of core materials and finishes and customize both the panels and the walls, giving you exactly what you need - such as increased strength, insulation, or fuel efficiency. The end result will allow you to install walls in minutes and meet demanding objectives.  Combine this with state-of-the-art equipment and Lean manufacturing principles, and it’s easy to see why Amerimax is at the cutting-edge with this new and exciting product.

Our bonded composite capabilities include:

  • We offer full CNC routing and roll coat adhesive application for consistent bond lines. 
  • We offer continuous processing, including automated material handling.
  • Our environmentally-friendly, 100% Polyurethane, reactive hot-melt adhesive system and high-speed, roll coating application provide 100% adhesive coverage for a consistent bond line, high-volumes and low-cost process capabilities.
  • Sandwich panels can be produced with a broad range of custom facing and core material combinations up to 8’ x 50’.

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