Freedom of Design: A new frontier in design

A New Frontier in Design

Imagine total freedom in RV design and you will understand why we call it a new frontier. Now available from Amerimax, Freedom of Design is an innovative coating system that allows you to offer
custom aluminum exterior designs with automotive qualities. 

The development of this innovative finish enables us to supply a smoothly painted, stickerless aluminium sidewall with phenomenal contrast, depths and limitless design possibilities. Proven to perform, it offers excellent exterior durability with a topcoat scratch and UV protective finish. By combining experience with ingenuity, we are revolutionizing panel design.

As featured in the RVPro November issue:

Amerimax has been at the forefront of product innovation for many years. This time is no different. The company will be unveiling Freedom of Design at the 2013 RVIA
show held in Louisville, KY. An innovative coating system, Freedom of Design enables the RV manufacturers to offer dealers and consumers customizable aluminum exterior with automotive qualities.

This break through development means that full width RV walls can be painted with a multi-layer digital design paint system, allowing the OEM more flexibility to customize wall design. RV manufacturers have unlimited options from custom designs and branding opportunities to family portraits for individual customers.

Not only does the product offer true design flexibility, but it also performs and looks better than alternative fiberglass and decal options. “It offers better UV protection from the sun and will look like new for many years,” says Matt Carboneau, Product Manager.

While many RVs made today are made with composite sidewalls, demand for aluminum skin solutions is growing because of the product’s long term durability, lightweight advantages, and unique design options. “Amerimax is wellpositioned to take advantage of that development with its Freedom of Design product,” Carboneau adds.

Amerimax doesn’t simply make products for RVs – it has provided RV manufacturers with a wide array of products and manufacturing options that has enabled them to build better, stronger, and more innovative products for over 50 years.

“I value our business as a solution provider,” says Osbeck. “We listen to both our customers and the market to develop products that they need now and in the future.” 

Amerimax’s ability to provide innovative products and customize offerings to its OEM customers’ needs are two strong reasons why the company is the supplier of choice for most of today’s major RV manufacturers.

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